Calculating labour costs can be complex and frustrating. Plus, a lot of the scheduling work that we do during early labour budgeting can be re-used throughout the production planning process.

With Labour Budgeting, you'll be able to:

  • Establish crew positions from multiple labour sources with default costs.
  • Add positions and crew quantities to your events using labour lines.
  • See cost estimates for your labour.
  • Build your crew bookings from your labour lines.
  • See budget updates in real time as you make changes to your crew bookings.


June 2022


How does it work?

Create Crew Positions

  • Add default costs (per hour and flat fee!)
  • List a labour source (house crew or from another company).
  • Include a custom ruleset for OT calculations.

Build Your Calls

  • Create Labour Lines associated with events from your Timeline.
  • Add a position and crew quantity.
  • Add meal breaks or extra hours.
  • See total costs for each call including standard time and overtime.

Work in the Timeline

  • Rather start in the Timeline? No problem. Add labour lines to your events and see your labour budget created automatically.
  • When you’re ready, auto-create crew booking slots.
  • Once your crew bookings are created, any changes you make will reflect in your labour budget.

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