Production Books

What’s this feature?

Production Books are sharable webpages that allow you to easily distribute schedules and calendars (and keep them up-to-date!).

You’ll be able to…

  • Generate schedules and calendars by setting up custom filters.
  • Choose between List and Calendar layouts.
  • Further sub-divide your schedules by Project or Location.
  • Distribute them via simple URLs.
  • Email schedules and auto-highlight changes.


Updating and distributing schedules is one of the least efficient parts of our workflow. We need a new system that is easy for managers to use, but doesn’t require viewers to maintain yet another login or learn some fancy new software.

Fully Funded!

Current Status


Release Date

April 2019

How does it work?

Build your Schedule

  • Identify the information you want to include through a simple set of filters.
  • Filter by Date Range, Location, People, Status, Departments, Categories and more!
  • Choose your layout, save, and you’re done! Propared does the rest by generating the webpage.

Click to View

  • Viewers will see a beautiful, mobile-responsive webpage.
  • Each time they visit or refresh the page updates with the current information, ensuring everyone is on the same (web)page.
  • Viewers can also filter the schedules themselves and subscribe to it in personal calendar programs!

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