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If you use Propared, then you know that all of our new features come from your feedback, ideas, and moments of pure genius. We’re at a point now where you’ve contributed SO many ideas that we just can’t get to them all.

So we’re introducing something new called Feature Expediting where you can help get your most important features into Propared much faster with no additional cost to you in the long-term. Sound interesting? Read on for more details!

How does Feature Expediting work?


Choose a Project

Browse through the available features below, or let us know what would make Propared better for you. We'll discuss specifics including costs and a timeline for completion.

Cover the Coding Cost

We cover costs for design, requirement building, project management, and testing. You can either cover the full cost for our development team to do the coding, or pledge a certain amount as your budget allows.

Get the Feature!

Once the feature is funded, work will begin! After coding and testing are complete, we release the feature.

...But It's Actually Free

The amount you pay will be credited to your future Propared subscription. So you're simply front-loading your costs to get what you want faster!
Available Projects


Inventory Project

Inventory Project

A new module that allows for allocating and tracking of physical resources.

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