What We’re Working On

Curious what we’re up to over here? Look no further!

September 2019

Last month we…

  • Added a button to the Timeline that allows you to hide everything in the past!
  • Corrected some font styles in the list layout to make it more readable (like bolding the Task names).
  • Fixed a bug so that “Keep Me Signed In” actually keeps you signed in.
  • Fixed a bug where Start & End Time were not editable in some Tasks.
  • Fixed a bug where some folks were unable to import and sync calendars.
  • Fixed a bug where cloning Tasks to other Projects sometimes caused the program to lock up.
  • Fixed a bug where some folks were logged out when trying to update and save Production Books.
October 2019

This month we’re…

  • Adding the ability to grant Project Management access from the Projects Screen.
  • Adding the ability to make custom Project Abbreviations.
  • Updating the formatting of List Layout to make it more condensed.
  • Updating our text hyperlinking in Project and Production Book screens to make it a little easier to navigate.
  • Improving how we display Locations in the Timeline and List Layout.
  • Fixing a bug where the “Today Forward” button is not persistent when switching between Projects.
  • Fixing a bug where List Layout sometimes displays dates in the past despite selecting “Today Forward” or custom dates.

Obvious Caveat: Below you’ll find ideas currently floating around in our heads in no particular order. Many are suggestions from current users. We can’t guarantee that anything listed below will be added to Propared exactly as described (or if it will even go in at all). But, we wanted to give you a sense of the types of improvements and new features currently under¬†consideration.¬†

We’d also LOVE to hear your thoughts about any or all of what you read here. Just click on the blue chat bubble and leave a message!

Production Books

  • Choose the start day of the week for calendars.
  • “Group by” Category, Department, and Team (similar to grouping by Project and Location).
  • List View: Display column headers only once and anchor them to the top of the page.
  • Add company logos to the top of webpages.
  • When Printing, repeat date headers at the top of each page (turns out this is WAY harder than we thought it would be!)
  • Ability to filter the List Schedules (in the same way you can currently filter Calendars).
  • Bookmark a Schedule while it is filtered.
  • Add Locations and Contacts to Production Books.
  • Enable emailing to any address (not just those who are in your Project Team).
  • Add folders to organize your Production Books.

Timeline Screen

  • Detect and display Location Conflicts.
  • Add multiple Locations to the same Task (unfortunately this one is a doozy so we may not be able to get to it for awhile).
  • Display who last updated the Task and when.

Projects Screen

  • Assign Locations to Projects.


  • Ability to Edit and Delete Tags


  • Notify people when things change.
  • Notify me when I have upcoming Tasks due.

Activity Stream

  • See a list of all recent changes by all users.

Whole New Propared Modules (let us know if you want to invest!)

  • Expand Labor Management Features
  • Inventory Management
  • Show Budgeting

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