What We’re Working On

Curious what we’re up to over here? Look no further!

June 2018

Get ready for details in your Calendar Links!

  1. Calendar Updates:
    1. Detail Popups! Click on any task to see all the details including Location, Team, and Notes.
    2. When a Task is a Milestone (i.e. has a Start Time and End Time that are identical) we removed the End Time as this was redundant.
      1. e.g. “3:00 pm” instead of “3:00 pm – 3:00 pm”
    3. In the Location column, when “Group by Location” is selected we now display the Location’s Preferred Name (when available).
  2. We also replaced the spinning Propared Logo with a more generic spinning circle for times when Propared is thinking. Sounds silly, I know, but this provides a pretty significant bump in performance.

Watch a 1-minute video of our latest updates!

May 2018

Our Calendar Layouts have been out in the wild for a solid month now. You’ve given us some fantastic feedback so we made a few updates and additions.

  1. PRINTING!!!! You can now print calendar layouts. Just hit the print option (usually under the “File” menu) in your web browser after you’ve opened the calendar. You’ll need to make sure the “print backgrounds” option is checked to ensure you get all your pretty colors. It’s not perfect yet, but we’ll be making some more updates in the coming months.
  2. We also made a variety of design tweaks to Calendar Layouts to prettify things and make them more readable:
    • Reduced font sizes and row heights to fit more stuff on the screen.
    • Added some padding around each Task to make it easier to differentiate single day Tasks from multi-day Tasks.
    • Bolded column headers (when grouping by Location or Project) to make those stand out a little more.
    • Removed Project Key anchoring from the mobile phone layout so you can actually see your Tasks instead of staring at your Project Key the whole time. 🙂
    • Moved the Propared Logo to the bottom of the page (in preparation for being able to add your own logos!).

A Smattering of Calendar Updates

  • Update “Group By Location” Calendars so that the “Preferred Name” of the Location displays if available.
  • Improve the way tasks are displayed that span multiple days (i.e. Overnight Calls).
  • Remove the End Time from Milestones (display “3:30pm” instead of “3:30pm – 3:30pm”).
  • Remove Project abbreviations when a Calendar displays only 1 Project.

A New Time Zone Option!

  • At the special request of Miami City Ballet, we’re adding a new Time Zone Option so that you can create Filter that displays all information in the Project (or Local) Time Zone. This will be handy for building tour schedules where things are happening all over the country, and you want all times to display correctly for when you’re actually at that tour stop.


We’re fixing some issues where…

  • The Calendar Detail Popups are incorrectly displaying all Tasks as “Tentative”.
  • Some Projects are taking a painfully long time to clone.
  • The Location is not displaying when Grouping by Project.

Public Links: List Layouts

  • Display column headers only once and anchor them to the top of the page
  • Display Roles.
  • Sort Contacts alphabetically (instead of however they’re sorted now which we can’t even figure out).

Obvious Caveat: Below you’ll find ideas currently floating around in our heads in no particular order. Many are suggestions from current users. We can’t guarantee that anything listed below will be added to Propared exactly as described (or if it will even go in at all). But, we wanted to give you a sense of the types of improvements and new features currently under consideration. 

We’d also LOVE to hear your thoughts about any or all of what you read here. Just click on the blue chat bubble and leave a message!

Public Links: Calendar and List Layouts

  • When Printing, repeat date headers at the top of each page (turns out this is WAY harder than we thought it would be!)
  • Add a notes section to the top of the page.
  • Display Tasks in their Project (Local) Timezone (big thanks to Miami City Ballet for this suggestions!).
  • “Group by” Category, Department, and Team (similar to grouping by Project and Location).

Projects Screen

  • Assign custom colors to Projects.
  • Assign custom abbreviations to Projects.
  • Assign Project Managers right from the Projects Screen.
  • Assign Locations to Projects.


Ability to Edit and Delete Tags

Company Logos

Add Company Logos to all Schedules and Calendars


  • Notify people when things change.
  • Notify me when I have upcoming Tasks due.

Activity Stream

See a list of all recent changes by all users.

Filter Screen

  • Improve loading time.
  • Enable emailing to any address (not just those who are in your Project Team).
  • Add folders to organize your Filters.

Timeline Screen

  • Remove Date Headers from the main content area and incorporate them into each line.
  • Move Tasks between Projects.
  • Add multiple Locations to the same Task.

Whole New Propared Modules (let us know if you want to invest!)

  • Drastically expanded Labor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Show Budgeting

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