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September 12, 2023

New Features:

  • Added a Notes Page for Production Books. Share notes from across your reports and projects.


  • Updated the time selector so that you no longer have to click the “OK” button.

  • Timeline: Added the ability to filter by events with Labour Lines, Crew Bookings, and Reports.

  • Timeline: Display a different icon if the user has enabled crew bookings.

  • Crew Bookings: Updated the duration field and added total hours scheduled in the table footer.

  • Requirements > Labour: Added a “Total Hours” column to the main table.

  • Production Books Screen: Updated the UI to make selecting pages easier and see which pages are enabled.

  • Production Books: Highlighted events are now set to bold in all calendars.

  • Production Books > Week Layout: Set the left column to a fixed width to make more room for content on larger screens.

  • Contacts Screen & Team Screen: Contacts are now sorted by last name.

  • Home Screen: Moved “Today’s Notes” to the top of the screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Production Books > Day Layout: Could not filter by location when grouped by location.

  • Production Books > Week Layout: Hours before first event were still displaying in some circumstances.

  • Production Books: Using “Next <n> days” was causing an error in some situations.

  • Calendar Subscription Feeds > Events with a specific time were not displaying in some feeds.

August 2, 2023

New Features:

  • Added week calendar layout.

  • Display Labour Lines in the main table of the timeline screen.

  • Added additional status icons.


  • Hide empty hours before first event in day layout.

  • Disable ownership transfer button when selecting a project manager and added a message.

Bug Fixes:

  • Text searching in the requirements page was sometimes crashing.

Fall 2023

New Features:

  • Projects Screen: Adding Status, Primary Location, and Client Organization

  • Projects Screen: Adding the ability to select visible columns.

Below you’ll find ideas currently floating around in our heads in no particular order. Many are suggestions from current users. We can’t guarantee that anything listed below will be added to Propared exactly as described (or if it will even go in at all). But, we wanted to give you a sense of the types of improvements and new features rolling around in our heads.

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  • Archive contacts.
  • Import spaces.


  • Assign start and end times to projects.


  • Merge team members.
  • Simplify team member IDs.
  • Add details field to team members.
  • Send an email to team members.


  • Add the ability to add groups to events.
  • Add the ability to import bookings.
  • Add support for universal events that display on all production books.
  • Add ability to comment on events.


  • Add the ability to sort by any column.

Production Books

  • “Group by” category, department, and team (similar to grouping by project and location).
  • Display groups in schedules and calendars.
  • Bookmark a schedule while it is filtered.
  • “Requirements Summary” page that includes labour costs.
  • “Company Inventory” page.


  • View all reports from all projects together.
  • Manually arrange notes.

Program Wide

  • Commenting: Add the ability to comment on events and requirements.
  • Activity Stream: See a list of recent changes by all users.
  • Notify a user when changes are made.
  • Notify a user when they have upcoming Tasks due.
  • Add an activity log.
  • Add a student subscription.

Larger Projects (let us know if you want to expedite!)

  • Event and Venue Request Forms
  • Integrate Propared with Zapier.

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