What We’re Working On

Curious what we’re up to over here?

February 2021
  • Added the ability to group Day Calendars by Project or by Day.
  • Fixed a bug in production books where the category filter was not always displaying.
December 2020
  • Added categories as an optional field in production books.
  • Fixed a bug in production books where project headers weren’t sorting alphabetically.

Summer 2021

This year, we’re undertaking a complete rewrite of the front-end of the application to take advantage of all the fancy new web-app technology that has come along in the eight(!) years since we began Propared. This means better performance, easier editing, more reliability, and more quickly getting the features we’ve all been eager to see (like Resource & Inventory Management!).We will also be able to more easily implement core web elements like multi-language support, accessibility features, and a mobile interface.

What’s new?
Overall, Propared will still look and act similar to what you currently see – only SOOOO much better, for example:

  • No more edit mode! Instead, you’ll simply click into a field to edit.
  • Group information in a table by any field (Location, Contact, Department, etc).
  • Every screen will see the same style of filter drop-downs that you currently see in the production book schedule pages.
  • Improvements to all the complex actions like cloning, shifting, and emailing (clone an event to multiple days all in one action!).
  • Ability to handle larger numbers of projects and events.
  • And much more!

Also, in order to speed up your workflow and improve on some of our initial ideas (like spaces, availability, bookings, & work calls), we will be making a few updates to how you work with some of these things in Propared. As we get closer, we’ll send out material that will outline anything that is changing screen-by-screen so you’ll be ready to go when we make the update.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Below you’ll find ideas currently floating around in our heads in no particular order. Many are suggestions from current users. We can’t guarantee that anything listed below will be added to Propared exactly as described (or if it will even go in at all). But, we wanted to give you a sense of the types of improvements and new features rolling around in our heads.

Interested in getting these features into Propared faster? Check out our new Feature Expediting Program.

Production Books

  • Add Locations and Contacts to Production Books.
  • Choose the start day of the week for calendars.
  • Add company logos to the top of all Production Book webpages.
  • “Group by” Category, Department, and Team (similar to grouping by Project and Location).
  • Bookmark a Schedule while it is filtered.
  • Enable emailing to any contact (not just those who are in your Project Team).

Timeline Screen

  • Add the ability to dynamically update who is in a Task using Groups.
  • Display who last updated a Task and when.
  • Add the ability to batch edit Contacts when editing Bookings.

Projects Screen

  • See a list of Production Books related to each Project.
  • Assign Locations to Projects.
  • Assign Start & End Times to Projects.

Contacts Screen

  • Turn an existing Place into a Space (and vice versa).


  • Notify a user when things change.
  • Notify a user when they have upcoming Tasks due.

Activity Stream

  • See a list of all recent changes by all users.

Program Wide

  • Improve and Standardize all Drop-Down selectors.
  • Add a User Profile Screen.
  • Add a Portfolio Settings Screen.
  • Ability to Edit/Delete/Rename Tags.
  • Integrate Propared with Zapier.

Whole New Propared Modules (let us know if you want to expedite!)

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