What We’re Working On

Curious what we’re up to over here?

January 25, 2022


  • Added the ability to create and use report templates.

  • Updated notes fields so that they may now be empty.

  • Updated notes fields so that carriage returns may be used.

  • Updated notes fields so that URLs are clickable.

  • Display report date instead of create date in the main table.

Production Books:

  • Updated team page so that only selected groups are displayed.


  • Added the ability to set date/time format preferences for production books.

  • Preferences: Update header text to “Portfolio Preferences”.

All Screens:

  • Removed extra white space at the bottom of tables.

  • Remember date range setting when switching between screens.

Bug Fixes:

  • Timeline: An event was occasionally not displaying.

  • Convinced Propared to never tell us the odds.

December 15, 2021


  • Added the ability to bulk-add contacts to project teams.


  • Major performance boost to the Timeline.

  • Fixed a bug where events from today were not always appearing.

  • Fixed a bug where the date filter was occasionally resetting.

Production Books:

  • Fixed a bug where crew roles were not displaying correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where some addresses were not displaying correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where the team filter was not working occasionally.

  • Fixed a bug where some events are not displaying in Apple or Outlook calendar feeds.

All Screens:

  • Anchored column headers and filters to the top of all screens.

Next Release


  • Add a pronoun field to each contact.


  • Create reports from the timeline screen.


  • Link reports to events.


  • Upload company logo.
  • Improve the photo upload and cropping component.

Production Books:

  • Display pronouns in Team Page.

  • Display contact photos in the team page.
  • Display company logo at the top of all production book and report webpages.

Winter 2021-2022

Below you’ll find ideas currently floating around in our heads in no particular order. Many are suggestions from current users. We can’t guarantee that anything listed below will be added to Propared exactly as described (or if it will even go in at all). But, we wanted to give you a sense of the types of improvements and new features rolling around in our heads.

Interested in getting these features into Propared faster? Check out our new Feature Expediting Program.


  • Link contacts with organizations.
  • Add ability to import spaces.
  • Add ability to enter pronouns for each contact.


  • Assign a primary locations to projects.
  • Assign start and end times to projects.
  • Assign a primary organization and person contact to projects.


  • Add the ability to dynamically update who is in a Task using Groups.
  • Add the ability to import bookings.

Production Books

  • Choose the start day of the week for calendars.
  • Add company logos to the top of all Production Book webpages.
  • “Group by” Category, Department, and Team (similar to grouping by Project and Location).
  • Bookmark a Schedule while it is filtered.
  • Add ability to display photos in the team page.
  • Add ability to display pronouns in the team page.


  • Add ability to link reports to events in the timeline.
  • Add ability to add team members using groups.


  • Notify a user when things change.
  • Notify a user when they have upcoming Tasks due.

Activity Stream

  • See a list of all recent changes by all users.

Program Wide

  • Integrate Propared with Zapier.
  • Add a student subscription.

Whole New Propared Modules (let us know if you want to expedite!)

  • Expand Labor Management Features
  • Show Budgeting
  • Event and Venue Request Forms

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