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Get a full walkthrough of Propared, and learn how to transform your scheduling and communication.  In just minutes, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Propared, basic scheduling workflows, and the simplicity of communication for all of your team members.

  • 11 Videos
  • 54 Minutes
  • Transcripts
  • Downloadable Content

Here’s what we’ll cover:
  • Basic Navigation
  • Creating Projects
  • Organizing Teams
  • Adding Files
  • Sharing Schedules
  • And More!
Course Outline
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Video 1: Introduction

We introduce the course, cover basic navigation, and show you around the Home Screen.

Time to Complete: 2:37

Video 2: Working with People, Organizations, & Locations

We introduce the Contacts screen, how to add, and edit contacts and lay the foundation of using people, organizations, and locations in projects.

Time to Complete: 4:57

Video 3: Building Projects

We introduce the Projects screen and how to create them. We also touch on archiving and cloning Projects.

Time to Complete: 3:46

Video 4: The Timeline

We introduce the Timeline, the central place for all logistics and schedule information. We also introduce the concept of Tagging.

Time to Complete: 9:07

Video 5: Production Books & Sharing Schedules

We introduce Production Books, and all the ways you can share information.

Time to Complete: 8:19

Video 6: Building your Team

We introduce the Team, which is all of the people, organizations and locations who are involved in a Project.

Time to Complete: 5:39

Video 7: Attachments and File Management

We introduce the Attachments screen, and touch briefly on some strategies for file management.

Time to Complete: 3:42

Video 8: Project Cloning, Templates and Archiving

We discuss Project Cloning and Project Archiving in detail.

Time to Complete: 2:42

Video 9: Settings and Granting Access

We introduce the settings you can update and how to grant editing access to other users.

Time to Complete: 1:52

Video 10: Work Calls and Bookings

In this we introduce a special task type called Work Calls, and the Bookings that live within them.

Time to Complete: 6:07

Video 11: Paperwork and Reports

In this section we introduce the Paperwork screen. We'll show you how to create and edit Contact Sheets and Reports.

Time to Complete: 5:42