How Propared Works

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Create Production Books

Use Production Books to share schedules, calendars, and files both internally and externally via simple webpages (no logins or passwords required!). They’re also mobile friendly, and stay up to date as you make changes in Propared.

  • Create season calendars, individual itineraries, venue schedules, dailies, and weeklies, call sheets, and more!
  • Decide what goes into a production book using filter criteria.
  • Choose between calendar and list layouts.
  • Group your schedules by location or project.
  • Email production books and auto-highlight changes.
  • Download production books to spreadsheets.
  • All production books are auto-updating, so if you make a change, every calendar and schedule updates automatically!

View Your Production Books

Anyone can view a production book by simply clicking on the link. You’ll be presented with a beautifully rendered schedule or calendar that stays up to date as changes are made.

  • Bookmark the production book in a web browser or phone.
  • View the production book on a mobile device.
  • Filter the production book by any criteria.
  • Subscribe to the schedule in any calendar program (Google, Outlook, Apple, etc).
  • Access file attachments.

Setup Your Project Teams

A team, is a subset of your contacts who are involved in a specific show. Each project has it’s own team. A contact can have different roles on each project they’re part of (we all wear so many hats!).

  • Tag team members with one or more group to work with larger sets of people (add the cast to a rehearsal or email a production book to the crew).
  • Tag team members with roles so you can remember who is doing what.
  • Create roles and assign them to tasks before you even know who is going to fill them!
  • Swap out and replace team members.

Add Attachments

Instead of hosting files, Propared lets you create attachments where you can link out to any file, folder, form, google sheet, or webpage. This creates all kinds of flexibility when folks are sharing from many different sources.

  • Tag an attachment with more than one project.
  • Tag an attachment with categories and departments.
  • Add attachments to production books (either individually or all attachments tagged to a project).

Create Items & Collections

Items are any physical objects that you want to track and utilize in your projects. They can include things that you own, as well as things that you frequently rent, purchase, or borrow.

  • Indicate where items live: a venue it’s allocated to, a warehouse, or a company you typically rent from.
  • Add quantities for your inventory.
  • Create collections of items that you use regularly such as tech table setup, materials to build a scenic item like a flat, or all of the elements in a lighting package.

Build Requirements

A requirement is anything that is needed for your show. These may be high level requirements, like a set, or a lighting package, as well as very specific things, like a genie lift.

  • Add dates to see what’s available during that time.
  • Enter quantities needed from each source.
  • Filter and group requirements by project, source, location, dates, and more.
  • See all overlapping requirements.

Add It All Up

  • See budget estimates by vendor, project, or department.
  • Assemble gear lists by vendor.
  • Send a list of stuff to pull from storage or buy from the store.
  • Generate an equipment list for your on-site lead.

Track Item Usage

  • See the total number of each item allocated per day.
  • Get a detailed breakdown per source.
  • See alerts for days where you’re over-allocated.

See Propared in action.

Venue & Space Management

Managing a Venue or a Performing Arts Center means wrangling a lot of data. The moving pieces are complex and always changing. Propared is built specially to handle the constant movements of venue managers.

Season Calendars

Season Planning involves a lot of pieces. You start with what you know and build from there. With Propared, creating Season Calendars is a snap. Watch our video overview to learn more.

Equipment Tracking

Not everyone has a shop full of equipment.  Some people just need to track a few items, like ladders, projectors, microphones, etc.  With Propared you can easily see where your resources are being used across all of your projects and spaces.

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