Is it secret? Is it safe?

Propared was designed and built to ensure your information is safe and highly available, with an eye towards security and business continuity, even in worst case scenarios.   In an industry like ours, your data has to be secure and reliable.

Your data is stored securely

Our infrastructure uses enterprise-class resources – the same services used by Fortune 500 companies to keep their data secure. Our data center facilities have 24-hour monitored physical security, and all digital access is logged and monitored for auditability. In other words, there is always a light on to illuminate any potential suspicious activities.

Your data is stored redundantly and backed up regularly

Our servers automatically store multiple copies across independent sub-systems and multiple locations. We perform daily backups, which we retain for 30 days; and we perform more-frequent point-in-time snapshots daily, which are retained for 14 days. This means that you won’t lose your data in the event of hard drive or other component failures.

Your data is not shared with anyone

Only you have control over who can see and access your data. Propared does not share, sell, or rent your information to third parties. Other Propared users cannot see your data – unless you specifically share it with them.

Your connection is secure

All connections to our servers are 2048 bit SSL encrypted, which means all data transmitted between you and us is sent securely.

Our servers are up-to-date

All Propared servers receive the latest patches and software updates, helping to ensure resilience against security threats and system vulnerabilities.

Your billing information is protected

All credit card and billing information is processed and stored adhering to PCI Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). Sensitive data is stored using several layers of encryption, encrypted when in transit, with new encryption keys that are regularly rotated or generated daily. Read more


Want to know more?

Please reach out to us at and let us know if you have any other security concerns, or would like more detailed information about any of the above.