What’s this feature?

The Day Calendar is a new Calendar Layout designed to give you a granular view of busy days where lots of things are happening across multiple locations.

You’ll be able to…

  • See an hour-by-hour visual schedule broken up by location.
  • Share via the same auto-updating URLs as your other Production Books.
  • Filter and search across people, departments, categories, and projects.


As managers of festivals, conferences, large-scale events, and busy venues, we need a way to see a more detailed view of tasks and events on a given day, so that we can better identify potential issues and scheduling conflicts of people, places, and things.

We also need to distribute a more detailed daily schedule to the rest of our staff, so that they clearer view of the day.

Oh yea, and we need to make it quickly without mucking about in spreadsheets.

Fully Funded!

Current Status


Release Date

July 2020

How does it work?

Day Calendar

See all the fine details

  • Select Day Calendar layout when building a production book.
  • See tasks and events grouped by location on an hour by hour basis.
  • Share as a public webpage just like your other production books.
  • Switch between layouts right from the calendar.

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