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For Theatre, Festivals & Performance

Things We Make Better


  • Season Planning
  • Venue Schedules
  • Rehearsal, Tech, and Production Schedules
  • Daily & Weekly Calls
  • Calendar Syncing


  • Company Staff
  • Internal Departments
  • Show Teams, Role Assignments, & Distribution Lists
  • Incoming Artists, Designers, and Vendors


  • File Sharing
  • Project Cloning & Templates
  • Task Management
  • Rehearsal & Show Reports
  • Production Meeting Minutes

Managing Your Theatre Spaces

Managing Spaces in a theatre can be tricky, tedious and full of complications.  Propared simplifies the process!  Check it out here.

Building Season Calendars

Season Planning is a task that takes the collaboration of many people.  Revisions are frequent and there are many different vantage points to take into account before things are settled.  Propared helps you see your season calendars from all the angles so you can make the right decisions.  And share with whomever you want!

Tracking Equipment

Sometimes you have a small inventory that you need to track. With Propared you can see where things are being used alongside your schedules, and see how changes might effect where your stuff is being used.

Propared for Stage Managers

Propared is also for Stage Managers.  Watch how the Stage Management team can use Propared to build a variety of schedules and reports.

Managing Conflicts

Conflicts are just a reality of our work.  Whether it’s scheduling costume fittings, rehearsals or meetings, or adding the availability of your cast, crew and team, Propared can drastically simplify your management process.

Propared for Tours

Touring is logistics chaos.  Each venue you stop at is an entire production in itself.  Propared can help with scheduling, but also all of your files.  Watch how.

Creating Daily & Weekly Schedules

Sometimes you just need to focus, or, you need others to focus.  Sending Daily or Weekly Schedules can help you do this.  See how you can build these fast!

American Conservatory Theater


LORT A Theatre

“Before Propared we created:

  • 6 unique calendars for EACH main-stage show (Equity Actors Calendar, Production Load-In Calendar, Crew Call Calendar, Show Performance Calendar, etc.).
  • A monthly company calendar (created in excel)
  • A yearly company grid calendar (also in excel)
  • Venue management calendars for our 8 studios (using outlook)

Now, with Propared, we only data enter once, but can filter it in a lot of ways, so we can create a lot of uniquely different calendars using the same information. We also don’t print calendars anymore, and we’ve eliminated all version confusion. When we make a change in Propared it pushes to everyone who is subscribed to the calendar.”

– Robert Hand, Associate Production Manager


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