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Lately, we’ve talked with a lot of students eager to get their hands on Propared. We love this enthusiasm (and secretly blush a bit!).

However, simply exposing students to new technology can miss the bigger opportunity. Technology, used correctly, also has the ability to reinforce underlying core techniques and skills being taught. This means that it’s important not to simply teach technology in a vacuum but rather to incorporate it into the larger curriculum.

This can be a challenging thing to do.

Inspired by these discussions, Melissa and I are working with educators to incorporate Propared’s management platform into theatre, arts, and event management curriculums.

In our discussions with educators, we’ve learned that Propared brings to the forefront important management concepts like organizationcommunicationprocess, and efficiency. It encourages meaty conversations in the classroom. Propared also highlights the divide between less tangible (but more important) management skills from the tedium of generating paperwork.

We want to have conversations with you about your challenges and ideas for integrating technology in the classroom. And we want to provide what resources we can to help advance management education in the arts.

If you are an educator or student interested in talking with us, please reach out.

Best wishes,

Ryan & Melissa