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Join us for our Propared Training Session at USITT

Hands On with Propared: Production and Event Management Software

Friday, March 4, 2022 4:30PM – 5:30 PM

Location: Room 323, Baltimore Convention Center


Join Production Manager, Facility Manager, and Lighting Director Don Fox as he demonstrates the Production and Event Management software Propared. Don will show how Propared can be used at an organizational level to manage productions, projects, and venues to speed up workflow, improve communication, reduce logistics mistakes, and improve work-life balance. He will begin with a brief demonstration of the program followed by a hands on exercise where each attendee will use Propared to assemble a project timeline and coordinate spaces, people, and production resources for an event. Attendees will then use the system to communicate a range of instantly updated information via weblinks including calendars & schedules, contact lists, rehearsal & performance reports, inventory lists, and other customizable documents. A fully unlocked training license will be given to all USITT attendees to use during the session and for 30 days afterwards. This class is recommended for anyone involved in production management, scheduling, budgeting, resource management, and staffing who are interested in improving their workflow. Prior knowledge in using Propared is not required.

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