Managing stuff can be just as challenging as managing schedules.

Inventory software only deals with what we HAVE. But in production, it’s not just about what we have. It’s also about what we NEED.

We must also take into account what we’re renting, buying, and borrowing. We need to know where it’s coming from, how much it’s going to cost, where it’s been allocated, and how many we have left.

So we’re introducing Things, a set of features designed for tracking all the physical resources for your shows alongside schedules.

With Things, you'll be able to:

  • Build shows by adding anything you need.
  • See cost estimates.
  • Track what’s available, where it is, and where it’s coming from.
  • Create lists of requirements for your on-site crew, rental shops, and clients.
January 2022
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How does it work?

Create Items

The Building Blocks of a Show

  • Create a global list of Items: expendables, set pieces, materials, inventory, etc.
  • Indicate where items live: a venue  it’s allocated to, a warehouse, or a company you typically rent from.
  • Add quantities if applicable.
  • Save notes, such as when an item was last maintained or links to manuals.

Build Show Requirements

Everything You Need

  • Add items to your Projects as Requirements.
  • Add dates to see what’s available during that time.
  • Indicate where your items are coming from (house inventory, storage, borrow, rental, purchase, etc).
  • Filter Requirements by project, source, location, dates, and more.
  • See alerts for overlapping requirements.

Add It All Up

Compile Equipment Totals and Budget Estimates

  • Assemble gear lists by vendor.
  • Send a list of stuff to pull from storage or buy from the store.
  • Generate an equipment list for your on-site lead.
  • See budget estimates by vendor, project, or department.

Create Collections

Work More Efficiently

  • Group items into Collections that used together so they can be added all at once, for example:
    • Tech Table Package
    • Projector accessories
    • Materials needed to build a flat

See the Big Picture

Visualize Your Work

  • See the total number of each item allocated per day.
  • Get a detailed breakdown per project.
  • See alerts for days where you’re over-allocated.

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