Welcome to Propared

Production planning software revolutionizing how organizations manage show logistics and streamline communications.

Managing Shows, Events, & Venues Can Be Messy

We’ve lived it and built Propared to improve the process.

Here’s how we did it:


Centralize all production and logistics information into a single system that speaks our language.

Ensuring everyone is working off the same information.


Generate complex calendars to see what is going on across projects, across venues, across departments.

Improving visibility over all the moving pieces and reducing redundant work.


Get info out and keep people up to date quickly and efficiently, no matter who’s involved.

 Reducing mistakes and miscommunication.


Robust tools for Producing Organizations.


Manage your entire Theatre, Music, and Dance Department.

Performing Arts Centers

Manage daily operations for multiple spaces.

Festivals & Conferences

Track high-level plans down to the small details of each event.

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Latest Updates

Propared Calendars!

Introducing our Propared Calendars.

The tedious weeks spent creating Season, Venue, and Production calendars are a thing of the past.

Propared Calendars are…

  • SPECIFIC: Include only the information you choose.
  • EXTENSIVE: Group multiple Shows and Venues into a single calendar.
  • FLEXIBLE: Display Tasks Grouped by Show, Venue, or All Together.
  • SHAREABLE: Send them to anyone using web links.
  • AUTOMATIC: They update in real time as you make changes.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY: View them on any screen size.
  • BEAUTIFUL: Customize show colors.