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Production Planning Software for Arts and Events Organizations

Managing shows can be a lot of work.

Discover a system that simplifies the process no matter what types of events you work on.

Theatre & Performance

Theatre & Performance

Robust tools for producing organizations.

Manage rehearsals, performances, rentals, tours, and education.

Digital Events

Digital Events

Manage speaker logistics, daily calendars, digital assets and virtual locations.

Performing Arts Centers

Performing Arts Centers

Coordinate daily operations for multiple spaces and hundreds of events.

Higher Education


Centralize planning for productions, classes, and room scheduling.

Student stage managers can work on shows along side faculty.

Executive Corporate Events

Executive Events

Plan internal events, off-site conferences, retreats, and trainings for executives and employees.

Live Event Production

Live Event Production

Manage large, complex events across multiple locations.

Track high-level plans down to the smallest detail.

Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship

Schedule weekly events, staff, and volunteers.


Opera & Dance

Opera & Dance

Distribute season calendars, work schedules, and daily calls for multiple productions, venues, and casts.



Manage the daily complexity of multiple venues and events.



  • Full & Part Time Staff
  • Guest Artists & Cast
  • Crew Booking
  • Vendors
  • Venue Scheduling
  • Conflict Detection
  • Deadlines
  • Inventory Availability & Usage


  • Rentals & Purchases
  • Department Budgets
  • Production Estimates
  • Labour Costing
  • Hourly & Flat Rates
  • Overtime Rules
  • Hour Tracking


  • Season & Venue Calendars
  • Production Schedules
  • Personal Itineraries
  • File Sharing
  • Pull Lists
  • Contact Sheets
  • Show Reports
  • Client Budgets

How Propared is Different From…

A spreadsheet isn’t for scheduling

Spreadsheets crunch numbers. They don’t create complex schedules. They don’t facilitate good communication. They aren’t easy to reformat.
They’re flexible, but don’t do much work FOR you.
Propared is designed specifically for complex scheduling. It understands people, time-zones, locations, files, and organizations.
With all your information in one place, you can sort, filter, and render it into beautiful schedules and calendars saving countless hours of data entry and reformatting.

What we do is really complicated

Most calendars are built for individuals, not organizations (those little boxes are never big enough!).
You’re forced to pick one way of setting them up (by venue? by show? by department?).
Keeping multiple calendars up to date requires redundant work, increasing mistakes.
We designed calendars with the complexity of our industry in mind.
You can build limitless combinations of calendars and schedules from a single source of truth. Color code your projects. Filter by any criteria. Sub-divide calendars by Venue or Show.
All of your calendars stay up to date as you make changes.

We need to be specific

Project management apps handle tasks and days well, but are useless as soon as you need to track something more specific than that. We need more than a simple due date or a folder to stash stuff.
Plus, they often require everyone to have a login just to view information. That doesn’t work when most folks aren’t your full-time employees.
In Propared, every bit of info from deadlines to rehearsals to run-of-show can be entered and organized together. You can look at the big picture and schedule down to the minute in the same system.
Schedules, calendars, and files are distributed via webpages so no one needs logins or passwords to see what’s going on.

Let us help you work better

Arts management platforms require a lot of up-front customization. This is expensive and time-consuming. Plus, it leaves you on the hook for figuring out the best way to design software you’re paying for which, frankly, we don’t think you should have to do.
We do things differently. Combining our experiences and your feedback, we look at the overall needs of our industry and do this work for you. We choose specific features to include that provide real value so you don’t end up with a bloated system that doesn’t grow with you.
We design Propared to be simple and flexible so that you can be up and running in hours and manage any type of event right from the start.
This model also allows us to keep Propared affordable. We understand the limited resources available for most of us.

Things are happening everywhere

In room booking and campus management systems, each event can only be assigned to one location. But productions take place all over: rehearsal spaces, breakout rooms, loading docks, festival stages, and meeting rooms. Plus, you never know when you need to cram that site visit onto a load-in day.
In Propared locations are assigned to individual tasks, not whole shows. You also get notifications if you try to schedule anything that overlaps (but we don’t stop you from doing it!).
You can generate beautiful venue calendars giving you visibility into everything happening at a glance.

It’s not just about what we own

Inventory software is really complicated and only deals with what we HAVE. In production, this is important, but we must take into account everything we NEED to make the show happen.
Propared tracks inventory, and also addresses rentals and purchases for each show. You can easily see where it’s coming from, how much it’s going to cost, where it’s been allocated, and how many you have left.

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