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  • Season Planning
  • Venue Schedules
  • Rehearsal, Tech, and Production Schedules
  • Daily & Weekly Calls
  • Calendar Syncing


  • Company Staff
  • Faculty-Student Collaboration
  • Show Teams, Role Assignments, & Distribution Lists
  • Incoming Artists, Designers, and Vendors


  • File Sharing
  • Project Cloning & Templates
  • Task Management
  • Rehearsal & Show Reports
  • Production Meeting Minutes

Student and Staff Conflict Management

Class schedules, Rehearsal Schedules, outside conflicts are all the schedulers reality.  Propared is your new best friend.

Using Propared for Space & Room Reservations

Managing Spaces & Rooms in your school can be tricky, tedious and full of complications.  Everyone wants a room!  Propared simplifies the process!  Check it out here.

Coordinating between Students & Faculty

Part of the job of educators is to help students learn.  Propared can be used as an education tool as well, and can help faculty get things done, while involving students in the process.  Learn how.

Propared for Stage Managers

Propared is also for Stage Managers.  Watch how the Stage Management team can use Propared to build a variety of schedules and reports.

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