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Theatre, Event & Venue Managers Slack Group

Welcome to the Theatre, Event and Venue Managers Slack Group!

Through Propared, we’ve found ourselves in a unique position to be continuously chatting with production, stage, event, and venue managers from all over the world. We’ve discovered that we’re all faced with similar challenges, and yet we’re often by ourselves trying to figure out the best solutions. So we’ve created a Slack community where you can connect with all the other amazing people who manage in the arts.

Our Goal: Provide a space where managers from all over the industry can discuss topics, connect with each other, and share resources!

To Get Started…

  • Click on the button above to get your invitation to the group.
  • Set up your free Slack account.
  • Head over to the #general channel and introduce yourself! Let us know who you are, where, and what you’re working on.


Rules of the Slack Group

This group is meant to be a positive, collaborative, helpful environment for professionals in the theatrical, event and venue management fields.  The channels are public to all group members and are the perfect place for questions or comments that are relevant to the community-at-large.  

You can also use direct messages to communicate with anyone in the community (a single person or small group of people) for more private conversations.

This Slack community is for:

  • Connecting with colleagues across the industry (Sound Q1 GO: “It’s a Small World”)
  • Sharing best practices
  • Asking a question
  • Figuring out how to do things better
  • Meeting others who do what you do
  • Encouraging cross organization collaboration

This Slack community is not for:

  • Job Postings
  • Self Promotion or Selling Products
  • Any offensive, discriminatory, disrespectful, trolling or attacking behavior (i.e., being a jerk will get you kicked out)

If you see something that you think violates these guidelines, please send @MelatPropared a direct message. We always give folks the benefit of the doubt but we will reach out to the concerned individuals to make sure these guidelines are observed.



Wait, don’t I already do this on LinkedIn?

Unlike Linkedin or Facebook groups, Slack groups are meant to be more causal in nature. We get to be people here!  Not everything you post has to be groundbreaking in nature.  Sometimes it’s enough just to give some support to say hi a group member on their opening.

Do I have to be a user to be a part of this group?

Heck no!  The Slack group is for everyone.  Besides, before Ryan, Melissa and Derek founded Propared, they were freelancer theatrical and event managers alongside many of you!  In the past 5 years since we dedicated ourselves to making managers lives easier, many of you have let us into the under belly of your day-to-day work.  Through our efforts with Propared, we have worked with you to make workflow changes, address communication issues, and help spread what we learn from one organization to another! We thought it was time to create a space where you can also talk directly to each other.

What if I have a Propared support-related question?

This Slack community is not Propared’s customer support. For issues specific to Propared, please contact us directly through the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Propared website/app. We have a team there that is ready to assist you as quickly as possible with anything you’re having trouble with. If you do Slack us a support question, we might not see it in a timely manner.  However…

What if I have a Propared workflow-related question? 

If you have questions for the larger community about how THEY are using Propared in their organizations or on their projects, that’s where the #propared channel comes in.
This channel is specifically for communicating with others about Propared whether you are a current Propared user or someone that is simply interested in the effect it’s made on other’s workflows.  Share the awesome ideas that you’ve told us about in our check-ins and on-boardings!

Have a request or a question that’s not listed above? Have ideas about how to make this community better?

Great!  Feel free to send a Direct Message in Slack to @MelatPropared or @propared in any public channel.

What the heck is this Slack thingy?

It’s awesome, and we aren’t being paid to say that!  Read more about it here.

Ok, got it, do you have any pro-tips for slack?

  • In case you don’t already have it, download the Slack app. It’s free!  You can also access slack from a web browser at
  • You’ll automatically be added to some channels, but you can mute or leave them as desired. Click on the channel name, and then the gear icon.
  • You can add yourself to other channels.  You can search the channels by clicking on “Channels”
  • You can Add a photo to your profile!
  • You can edit and delete posts after you have published them (yes, you can fix that awkward auto correct!)
  • You can add files/images to a channel simply by dragging and dropping onto the slack app.
  • You can search by keywords through the system for things, so if you are looking for a specific file or conversation from awhile ago you can go back and find things later!
  • There are other open groups you can join, depending on your interests!
  • You can create your own groups for your organizations.