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For Event Production

Things We Make Better


  • Venue Schedules
  • Crew Schedules
  • Individual Show Schedules
  • Department Schedules


  • Daily & Weekly Crew Calls
  • Multiple Departments & Distribution Lists
  • Show Teams
  • Outside Artists, Designers, and Vendors


  • Multiple Managers
  • File Sharing
  • Project Cloning & Templates
  • Calendar Syncing
  • Task Management

Building Event Job Books

Assembling schedules, forms and documents into one easy to access place is the whole point of Propared. Creating Job Books for your events will ensure your team has everything they need to put the job up.

Building Daily Schedules

Sometimes our events are complex and we need to just focus on what is happening on one day.  Building daily schedules is simple with Propared!

Creating Venue and Location Schedules

Sometime you need to see everything, and sometimes you need to just see what is happening in one specific place.  Watch how Propared can help divide up your schedules to show you just what you want.

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