Why Propared?

Why did we go through all this trouble to create Propared?

We tried other “solutions”, but they never quite did the trick.

What Makes Propared Different From…


Spreadsheets crunch numbers, they don’t create complex schedules or enable communication.
They’re flexible, but don’t do much work FOR you.

Propared is a database designed specifically for complex schedules.

Propared understands People, Locations, and Organizations and what to do with them.

Built-in communication tools, make it easy to keep everyone up to speed.

With all your projects together, you can leverage the same information again and again saving countless hours of data entry.


Calendar apps are built for individuals, not organizations.
You’re forced to pick one way of setting them up (by venue? by show? by department?).
Multiple calendars means redundant work, increasing the risk of mistakes.

In Propared, you can build limitless combinations of calendars and schedules based on information from your show Timelines.

Color code calendars by project. Filter them by any criteria.

Divide calendars by Venue or Show to make it even easier to see what you need.

Project Management Tools

Project management systems handle tasks well, but not granular scheduling.
Plus, they often require everyone to have a login just to view information.

In Propared’s Timeline, deadlines and schedules can be entered and organized together.

Schedules and calendars are distributed via webpages, calendar feeds, and emails so no one needs logins or passwords to see what’s going on.

Room Booking Apps

In Room Booking Systems, each show can only be assigned to one location.
But productions take place all over: rehearsal spaces, breakout rooms, loading docks, festival stages, and meeting rooms.
Plus, you never know when you need to squeeze that site visit into a busy theater.

In Propared locations are assigned to individual tasks, not whole shows. Just like in real life!

Generate beautiful venue calendars giving you visibility into everything happening at a glance.

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