Why Propared?

There are so many “solutions” out there, but they never quite do the trick.

Spreadsheets are designed to crunch numbers, not to create complex schedules or foster communication.

They’re flexible, but ultimately don’t do much work FOR you.

Propared is a database designed specifically for complex schedules.

Propared understands People, Locations, and Organizations and what to do with them.

Built-in communication tools, make it easy to keep everyone up to speed.

With all your projects in the same system, you can sort, filter, and cross-reference to your heart’s content!

Calendar apps are not built to manage the complex schedules of large arts organizations.

You’re forced to pick one way of setting them up or build dozens (by venue? by show? by department?). 

Plus, multiple calendars each have to be updated independently, increasing the risk of mistakes.

In Propared, you can build limitless combinations of calendars and schedules to get everyone exactly what they need.

Color code calendars by project and sub-divide each day by location or show.

One quick change in the Timeline updates every calendar and schedule that the information appears on!

In Room Booking Systems, events are assigned to locations. But shows take place in many locations: rehearsal spaces, breakout rooms, festival stages, and meeting rooms. Plus, you never know when you need to squeeze that site visit into a theatre where the load-in is happening.

In Propared locations are assigned to individual tasks, not whole shows. Just like in real life!

In addition to locations, you can also track due dates, deliveries, crew calls, and run of show, all in the same place!

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